Things are ALWAYS Interesting in the Alzheimers Patient’s Mind!


So what would you think about this if you found it?  This is a daily occurrence in my household!  I don’t know where the misfire of brain cells happens but sometimes all is well and sometimes I find LOTS of random things in weird places.  I have NO idea where the playing cards are.  I also have no idea why the Long John Silvers Vinegar is in the card box.  I don’t know why the lid to the pot was in the dog food bin, nor do I know why my shoe inserts were in the buffet in the dining room.  I don’t know why EVERY PEN we ever had ended up in a box next to the kitchen table or why the scissors go missing ( all 4 pairs) and end up in a secret ( not so secret now that I know where to start looking).  There are hundreds of stories like this.  I am sure you have some too if you have a parent with alzheimers.  Feel free to share them here!

About Debbie Greene

Turned 60! Now comes the third act! From here to 90 I am ready to experience all the fun life has to offer! More of what I want! Time spent with the Grands! Time spent in nature and most of the time with a camera in hand as I record the world around me - THROUGH DEBBIE'S EYES!
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1 Response to Things are ALWAYS Interesting in the Alzheimers Patient’s Mind!

  1. dementedgirl says:

    HI Debbie,

    I just picked up on your blog via the WordPress reader and linked to you from my dementia-related site (

    God only knows how this sort of thing ends up happening! We have just discovered a problem with MIL’s fridge – storing up food until it goes mouldy, and just keeping adding to the pile every time she goes shopping. She doesn’t see or smell the rotting food at all. I don’t even pretent to understand how that works, as in other areas she is still relatively “with it”.

    Look forward to reading more of your writings in the future…

    DG x

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