Photography Classes are paying off……………

Bokeh at the Key West Butterfly Conservatory

Bokeh at the Key West Butterfly Conservatory

My first assignment for my Photography Class was to take photos in Manual Mode on my Digital Canon T3i.   I understand…………………. this is a baby camera!  I WILL purchase a better body when I learn to use the one I have well.  Right now it would be a waste of money.

First up: Bokeh    So right after this class ended I took my camera, a 50mm lens and did my very best to take some up close and personal photos of butterflies and plants.  This is some of what I got that day and a couple of days later at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park.

Getting better at Bokeh everytime

Getting better at Bokeh every time

Phalic Flower

Flowers in the Conservatory

As I keep practicing………… I will post more.  I have found I love nature so much more than photographing people!   EXCEPT my Grandson’s!

My Favorite Boy

My first and Favorite Grandson………… Because he is my oldest Grandson and I have had more time to love him!

OH WAIT…… I didn’t take this! Introducing: Mini Mason!

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I am a woman who wants to experience EVERYTHING good life has to offer! I am going to be a billionaire! I am a Mother, Grandmother, Nature Lover & Wolfhound Mother. I love using and teaching law of attraction. .................... Come explore the world with me Through Debbie's Eyes!
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