Something to be passionate about


May your choices reflect your hopes and not your fears

– Nelson Mandela

So……………. My choice is to advocate for the African Elephant. This reflects my hope.  My hope is that we can stem the tide of death and destruction by warlords in Africa. My hope is that we can give enough attention and love to the subject of African Elephants that they will grow in numbers for the first time since 1979.

When I was in High School there were 1.3 million elephants in Africa.  Nothing to worry about.  I had plenty of time to get there and see them in all of their majesty.  Fast forward 30+ years and there are only 475,000 left in Africa!  At the rate of one being killed EVERY 15 MINUTES………….. they will all be gone in 10 years.  This is my fear.  But as Nelson Mandela put it I need to have my hopes reflected and not my fear.  So my hope is that this will become a global issue.

Because it is.  The ivory is now being traded for ammunition by Warlords. The Warlords then sell the ivory for MUCH MORE than they were giving away in ammunition.  Then as the ivory goes up the food chain it becomes more and more valuable and those making the most money: Isis, Kony, others who would wish for our death and the death of thousands in Darfur for no apparent reason.

It is here that I must adhere  to the quote by Nelson Mandela.  My wish for the world is peace.  My choices will reflect peace, love and sustainability in Africa.  Sustainability of family, sustainability of the natural resources – both animal and human.  My choices will reflect love and peace. My choices reflect the hope that when I finally get to Africa the elephants will be there for me to see.  I am so blessed to live here in the US in a relatively calm, peaceful place and I am giving my attention, and prayers to the people and the elephants of Africa tonight when I go to bed.  Please send some of your prayers to reflect your hope the Elephants and the people of Africa will know peace, prosperity and long lives.


Some links to get you started:

Game Rangers International

Game Rangers International Elephant Orphanage






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Turned 60! Now comes the third act! From here to 90 I am ready to experience all the fun life has to offer! More of what I want! Time spent with the Grands! Time spent in nature and most of the time with a camera in hand as I record the world around me - THROUGH DEBBIE'S EYES!
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