I’m 60!


Now what happens?  At 60 apparently there is a significant life shift!  Then how come I feel like that 14 year old girl or that 30 year old woman on the inside?  My friend Bertha and I have had serious conversation about this!  I FEEL older in my body but my mind is the same.  The same exact person who chased boys, ran a cash register in my Dad’s store as soon as I could reach the counter, the same person who raised Victoria Elizabeth and later Wesley.  Hmmmmmmmmmm……………………


Bertha – Life Advisor

I am ready for new experiences.  That must be what my husband was thinking when he bought my birthday present.  FLYING LESSONS!  Never in my life did I think I would buy flying lessons.  But as with most things – Bertha explained it to me.  She said ” How are you going to be a Billionaire Philanthropist if you can’t fly your own private plane? You might be in a situation where you NEED to FLY the plane!”  OK, I will go with that!  So onto Billionaire Philanthropist status I go! To that place giving away my time and money will go toward the greater good.  To that time where helping humanity is the only thing I need to do that day.

Yes!  This third ACT is gonna be fun!  It started yesterday and today I begin writing about the story of my third trimester!  Come along for the ride.



About Debbie Greene

Turned 60! Now comes the third act! From here to 90 I am ready to experience all the fun life has to offer! More of what I want! Time spent with the Grands! Time spent in nature and most of the time with a camera in hand as I record the world around me - THROUGH DEBBIE'S EYES!
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