My name is Debbie Greene.  I am a fundraising consultant. I have raised millions of dollars with grant writing, individual gifts and major sponsorships.  For 18.5 years I was Director of Natural Resources and Grant Administration for the Joliet Park District and Joliet Park Foundation in Joliet, Illinois.  Then, I retired!  As a retiree: I stopped working for two years except for a short stint at the Rialto Square Theatre which was my absolute favorite place to be.  Unfortunately, mixing business and pleasure at the Rialto changed my feeling about the place so much that I rarely attend concerts there.   I am 60 years old!   So………… another six months off until I was hired as the contract Development Director for the Billie Limacher Bicentennial Park and Theatre.  It has been two years, and all is well.  I currently do other small contract jobs from time to time to help non-profits with both social media and fundraising.

I am a photographer.  I am a traveler.  I am a grandmother.  I am an Irish Wolfhound Mom and I am on the Board of Directors for the Great Lakes Irish Wolfhound Association.  My husband and I are the Rescue Coordinators for the Club.

I love Key West and I run the Facebook Page Key West with Children. 

Please contact me anytime to talk about any of these things. These are my PASSIONS!



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