Photo Friday Flower……….. Daylily Flowers

Flowers 2013 020 - Copy

Daylily flowers come in all shapes and sizes. There seem to be a bazillion different colors. I love them all. These are the easiest flowers to grow and propagate in your yard. They are nearly impossible to kill and they offer color all summer and into fall. The photo above is what most aficionados call a ditch lily. They are often referred to as weeds. In my opinion flowers are just weeds that have been moved into your yard. 🙂 So I have some of all of them. Cultivated or wild they offer beautiful color. There are MANY different sizes, shapes and colors of these lovely lilies.

A more cultivated variety is this yellow beauty:

Flowers 2013 011 - Copy

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Tor is Back Home in Key West after BlogHer13


I attended Blogher13 this weekend with my Daughter Victoria Elizabeth. You may remember that she left here a few months ago and I have MISSED HER LIKE CRAZY! Before she left, way back in November we decided to go to Blogher13. She has been blogging for a few years and I have been TRYING to blog for a couple. I wanted to go to see if I could get inspired. So after Tor moved we talked about selling our tickets but she still had clients here in the Chicagoland area from her Social Media Company Victoria Elizabeth Productions. So she flew in two days early for the conference and worked all day the day before.

Then we had Catch Phrase Night at our house. WE LOVE CATCH PHRASE so much we actually play in a group once a month at least with a bunch of ladies. It had been a bit sedate since Victoria left. NOT this month. As the game came to an end we were all sitting around drinking a bit and I brought in some eyeglasses I had purchased at work the day before. The following picture probably says it all:


Anyway, for the next few days and weeks you will be hearing about Blogher13. It was a great learning experience but that didn’t compare to the time I got to spend with Victoria. Every waking moment for three days I was with my favorite girl. She is so smart, so funny and so good with people. I am so proud of her!


After a fabulous weekend of togetherness we came home. Spent the evening with friends and family and had a wonderful evening.


As with the first time she left I cried. I bet she did too as she walked away. There are so many reasons for that. My Mother has NO idea why Victoria is coming and going. NO short term memory at all of anything. Small, very small glimpses, of her long term memory. She seems to be stuck in a loop of the same 10 questions. Debbie, did you work today? Do I have any money? Can you write a check to so and so? What day is this? What is the date? And so it goes. On and on and on, the same questions all day every day and night. So on the way to the airport on the way to drop Tor off she asked 20 times where we were going and why Victoria was leaving. And Victoria would say she was going home and the only home my Mother remembers is ours, here in Joliet, WITH Victoria. It is so sad that she doesn’t remember. It is so hard to have to deal with this and it is as always……….maybe the last time she sees her Grammie. Or that Grammie sees her. Every so often Grammie surfaces from the fog that is alzheimers and asks “Is Victoria home yet?” Or does she? Which home is she asking about?

Well that is my life……….. for today……….

Want more info on Blogher13 from Victoria’s perspective? Go to her site at HunksRHandbags.

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Royal Baby …………. it’s a Boy……….. Rats!

Royal Baby

Twenty six years ago I gave birth to a little baby girl. I had a name picked out and it fit her perfectly. Her name is Victoria Elizabeth. I had no intention of naming her after royalty. I hadn’t even thought of the fact that I was naming her after two of England’s favorite queens.

But she did grow up to fit the name perfectly. She is amazing, smart, entrepreneurial, beautiful and independent. She could easily be a queen…………..NOT. She isn’t very good at conforming and that is a great thing in my opinion. Bill Gates didn’t conform, neither did 80% of those on the Forbes list.

I did get wrapped up in the hype for the Royal Baby. I was especially hoping it was going to be a girl. Then they could have named the future Queen after my daughter………. Victoria Elizabeth!

tor bio

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Travel Tuesday………On the Way to Jackson Hole


This was taken on the way to Jackson driving in from Idaho. Such a beautiful river! The entire drive from Salt Lake City to Jackson Hole is spectacular! Drive the speed limit ………… at least close to it……….I got a ticket going 90 MPH! Want more info on Jackson Hole and the area around it? Email me anytime.

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Photo Friday

Flowers 2013 007

Hollyhocks are some of my favorite flowers! They can hide something ugly like an outhouse or they can be a spectacular sight in your front yard. Me? I mix mine with zinnias in the backyard. There was a time when I had tons of the big ones in my yard but it became a forest of Hollyhocks because of the way they spread. So I bought ONE little cute one in miniature and now I have a tiny forest mixed with zinnias.

Flowers 2013 028

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Travel Tuesday……… Today we go to Puerto Rico


I have been traveling as much as I can the last few years. There is so much to see and do out there that I find myself wanting to see it ALL! This photo was taken in Guanica, Puerto Rico on a little mangrove island called “Gilligan’s Island” I have great story about that that I will tell you some other day.

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Travel Tuesday………. Kauai Waterfall Watch


A few years ago Robert and I went to Kauai for New Years Eve. Magical, fabulous trip. This year we are going to Maui with our friends for one week and then we will be alone on Maui for another week. Any suggestions for week one with friends or week two by ourselves? email me at:

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We Had a LITTLE Visitor……….

raccoon 002

Robert went out to put something into the garbage can the other day and look who was there! He had gotten in the night before and couldn’t get back out. Such a cute little guy. So we dumped him out.

raccoon 004

raccoon 007

So he raced up the tree as I started clicking off shots from my camera. He was so exhausted that he got to the top of the tree and fell asleep almost immediately. Later I went back and took one more photo of him.

Flowers 2013 006

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♫ ♪ Happy Birthday Victoria Elizabeth ♪ ♫


My baby girl!

My baby girl!

Victoria Elizabeth has grown up to be an amazing young woman! She is living her dreams in Key West, FL, meeting new people and exploring the world! I could not be more proud!

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Let Freedom Ring! Happy Fourth of July !

Let Freedom Ring

Let Freedom Ring

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